Somebody threatened to expose Sia’s nudes but she responded in the best way

The singer best known for keeping herself to herself with long wigs, discovered that a mystery person was attempting to sell nude photographs of her.

The person with the images informed a fan: “If you make the purchase it will be unblurred and you’ll receive an additional 14 images.”

The image looks as though it’s a paparazzi shot, which has been taken from behind, but the source is still unknown.

An early Christmas present from Sia on Monday night and a read between the lines message for the ‘nude business person’…

Want to sell my nude? HAVE IT FOR FREE.

She cleverly added the title of her latest album at the end of her tweet ‘Everyday is Christmas’ – she may as well get some promo out of this.

The singer-songwriter will not go down in history for making absolute tunes, that makes you move like Dance Mom’s Maddie (below), but in fact for being the sassiest woman to date, who is now all of our idols.

Sia is the owner of many prestigious awards including a Music Award for Album of the Year but I think her fans are clapping harder for this latest move.

The Australian’s fans have been praising her ever since it happened.

The lesson everyone has learnt today? Don’t mess with Sia.

Words: Charlotte Racher | Subbing: Leanne Hall

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