Top 10 healthy products to add to your basket

We all love shopping, whether it’s from clothes or products. 

In England, most of the people are used to online product shopping because it’s easier and time saving. The only thing you have to do is to choose the products, add to your basket and wait until the shopping center will send them.
With health products being all the rage recently, here are 10 products you should consider adding to your basket.


A frozen ice cream smoothie that is made from fruits and dates. The product doesn’t have a single gram of sugar or artificial sweeteners. The sweetness of the product is achieved by the presence of dates. Frill has three flavors- berry, chocolate and vegetable from green vegetables. Despite the fact that chocolate and berry flavor is delicious the vegetable one is the healthier one.

Where to buy: Waitrose, Wholefoods Market, and Planet Organic.  

Price: £ 4.99.

Booja Booja

This one of the best companies in the UK vegan market. Booja Booja also makes the most delicious vegan chocolate truffles. The ice cream is ranked the best in both the composition and the taste of it. The composition of the ice cream is really simple and is made from no more than 7 ingredients. The Booja Booja ice cream is made up of cashew nuts, water, and agave syrup. If you like ice cream is always better to go for a healthier choice like Booja Booja is.

Where to buy: Waitrose, Wholefoods Market, and Planet Organic.

Price: £5.99

Cauli Rice

If you haven’t tried the rice or cauliflower couscous yet, then its time to do so. This is a delicious and healthy alternative to regular rice. It includes a range of vitamins, dietary fiber, and fewer calories. The composition of Cauli Rice includes cauliflower and spices. It is easy to make at home, but if you are not a fan of cooking then add a few spices like tobasko and the dish is ready, this is suitable for another spicy food lovers.

Where to buy: Waitrose, Wholefoods Market, and Planet Organic.

Price: £1.99

Pip & Nut

Of course this list would be incomplete without nut paste. People got addicted to this product, especially in England. There are many types of nut pasta in England, but you have to be careful when choosing it because of the presence of sugar and palm oil. There are varieties of Pip & Nut flavors, however one of the best is considered the maple syrup and almond paste with agave syrup and coconut oil. It can be eaten directly from a can all you need is a spoon, so if you buy it it’s better to hide it away in order not to it all at once.

Where to buy: Sainsbury’s, Wholefoods Market, Planet Organic, and Holland & Barret.

Price: from £2.29


This is another company producing nut paste. Meridian is one of the most popular brands all over England, especially among followers of a healthy lifestyle. Meridian specializes in nut paste that contains only nuts and jam without added sugar. They have a large lane production ranging from simple peanut paste to more exotic ones made from Brazil nut or macadamia. If you still think what to eat for breakfast then hurry up and buy Meridian, an ideal breakfast is the quote of the ideal day.

Where to buy: Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Wholefoods Market, Planet Organic, and Holland & Barret.

Price: from £2.49

Nakd Bars

Every person who lives in England at least heard or tried Nakd bars. These are very good, energy vegan bars, that contain natural ingredients only; dates and nuts. Those of you who can’t imagine there life without cookies or sweets, Nakd bars are an alternative. So choose healthy sweets at the same time all in one.

Where to buy: In every supermarket or online on the manufacturer’s website.

Price: £0.99 for one or £14 for a box of 18 bars

Hilltop Honey

Honey not subjected to heat treatment and pasteurization. There is a belief that honey without heat treatment preserves more healing properties. A good quality aromatic honey with excellent taste recommended to all honey lovers. 

Where to buy: Sainsbury’s, Wholefood Market, Planet Organic, Holland & Barret, Amazon or online on the manufacturer’s website.

Price: £5.65


The only non-vegan product on this list. This is an ice cream made from skim milk without the addition of sugar but with the addition of superfoods. Oppo ice cream has 4 flavors- vanilla, salted caramel, mint, chocolate, and chocolate with hazelnuts. Just imagine in 100 ml only 75 kcal presented, which is 2 times less than in ordinary ice cream.

Where to buy: Waitrose, Wholefoods Market, and Planet Organic.

Price: £4.99

Doisy & Dam

Are there any chocolate lovers? If yes, then this product is for you. Doisy & Dam is organic dark chocolate with the superfoods added. It has a range of 5 flavors; mulberries, black sesame & spirulina, coconut & lucuma, ginger, chili flakes & hemp seed goji & orange and maca, vanilla & cacao nibs. Did it made your mouth water? Of course it did. So don’t hesitate and try it asap.

Where to buy: Sainsbury’s, Holland & Barret, Wholefoods Market, and Planet Organic.

Price: £3.00


This is a kombucha drink that is credited with a range of miraculous properties, one of them is a beneficial effect on digestion. Cold kombucha also quenches the thirst. It is not necessary to buy it as it can be made at home. All you need is mushroom tea but if you are bored with cooking then is better to buy it.

Where to buy: Wholefoods and Planet Organic.     

Price: from £4.00   

Words: Xenia Puiu

Images: Jannis Brandt on Unsplash

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