To tea, or not to tea? That is the question

Read about the top five tea companies you should be buying from this winter to keep you warm on the inside!

Tea lover and sloth enthusiast Milica has found a way to combine the two of her interests together. Image: Milica Cosic

Winter is approaching fast. Cut to the John Snow “Winter is coming” meme, please.

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder. You are putting on your bravest face, with a heavy scarf wrapped around your neck whilst walking to your 9am lecture. You arrive to your lecture hall and realise that there is no heating. You decide to leave your jacket on, wiping your nose every three seconds, trying to concentrate on lecture itself rather than how cold you are. You brave the day, leaving at 5pm, just as the sun is setting. Getting on the train back home, just waiting for the moment you put the keys in the door and run upstairs. Pulling the covers up to your ears, tucking your feet in… you are now a burrito. Missing something? Yes, that is right… a nice, warm cup of tea!

Here are five of the best tea companies you should be buying this winter to keep you warm:

Pukka Tea:

Image: instagram/com/pukkaherbs/

Fortnum & Mason:


Whittard of Chelsea:

T2 Tea:

Brew Tea Co.:

Image: instagram/com/brewteaco/

Words: Milica Cosic | Subbing: Kate Kulniece

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