To stay or not to stay? Will masks remain a part of British culture after the Pandemic?

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It’s a polarizing topic, the necessity and effectiveness of masks in fighting against Coronavirus. It’s a new concept to many Brits, and a not particularly favoured one either. When the pandemic comes to an end two question will likely remain. Which coronavirus customs do we keep, and which do we leave behind? And where will mask-wearing stand?

Some complain it gives them acne, for others it makes breathing more difficult, for those with anxiety it makes them feel claustrophobic, and for a select few it’s all part of a conspiracy of control.

Since the start of the pandemic masks have increasingly become part of our everyday life. The Government mandated masks on the 24 July this year. This now means that everyone, with the exemption of some individuals, must wear masks in all stores and on public transport.

This is not the first time that mask-wearing has taken place in the UK. During the Blitz, the Government encouraged masks to prevent an influenza outbreak as people gathered in crowded places for safety.

The act of wearing a mask may still seem foreign to us, but to many others in East Asia, it has always been a part of everyday life.

Design by Leah Trimmer

So, we can ask the question: will the UK ever follow suit?

Japan is the perfect example of a global pandemic setting a precedent for future customs in society. Covid-19 has highlighted how easily disease can spread in society and the strict measures needed to protect us.

It’s difficult to come to a definitive answer to this question. Many Brits are not opposed to the mandates to wear a mask during this Pandemic, but many are not keen on the requirements and are certainly excited to leave these mask-wearing days behind.

But others don’t mind mask wearing for some very unconventional reasons.

We spoke to young Londoners about how they would feel if masks became a custom in British society after the pandemic.

How would you feel if after Covid-19 mask-wearing became common practice in society, especially if people continued to wear masks when they had a cold or cough?


Would you wear a mask if it became a common practice after Covid-19?

It may take a while for the British public to come to terms with masks and their new place in our lives. Whether we want them to stay or disappear altogether, one thing is certain, they won’t be leaving for a while.

Words: Leah Trimmer | Subbing: Karolina Pracht

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