There’s a new Queen of the Jungle

Jill Scott, Matt Hancock and Owen Warner
Credit: @imacelebrity official Twitter

After three weeks of tormenting trials, creek chats and bonds between the unlikeliest of people, there is a new Queen of the Jungle – Lioness Jill Scott. 

Up against Hollyoaks actor, Owen Warner and former Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, in the final, Jill Scott took the crown as she was voted the winner of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here 2022. With her witty comments and kindness to others keeping the camp smiling, campmates loved her and the public deemed her worthy of this win. 

While Scott was the bookies’ favourite to win, no one was shocked by Warner coming in second place. Matt Hancock, despite the controversy his appearance on the show caused, came in third place.

All three of them took part in the final trial – a classic bushtucker trial for each of them to win a luxury three course meal. Scott faced her fear of rats, Warner was so hungry he almost enjoyed the eating trial and Hancock had his head submerged with all kinds of water creatures. 

It has been a thrilling series with plenty of drama, laughs and horrible ways to win meals. In the final episode, all of the campmates listed their best moments and how it had been an experience of a lifetime. 

Jill Scott will reign as Queen of the Jungle until 2023, when a special edition of the show will take place in South Africa. 

Writing: Summer Rogers | Subbing: Shakira Bruce-Abubakar

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