The Top 3 upcoming Rap artists in the UK right now

With so many fresh faces in the game, it’s hard to keep up with the industry. Heres a couple artists who are really making a name for themselves.

Central Cee is coming in hot, after kicking off his career with his song loading in 2020 which reached the official single charts Top 20 in January 2021. The song has reached over 69m views. From Shepherds bush, East London Central Cee didn’t gain his recognition til the release of his singles and now he is on a roll. Still without a label, this 23 year old has currently got 5 singles in the top 40’s. Hes also had 2 singles in top 10 and has lasted 10 weeks in this position. Central Cee has played to his abilities with his song ‘obsessed with you’ trending on tik tok. With multiple individuals posting videos to his music he has gained publicity and fame with out ever moving a muscle. The song has been used across multiple countries, reaching a level of publicity many young UK rappers dream about.

Central Cees song being used as a trending sound on Tik Tok

D Block Europe are two best friends from Lewisham, South East London who have revolutionised the way people believe music can be made. Their career began to kick off in 2017 however didn’t fully peak until 2019 when they released their second mix tape and begun to collaborate with other already established artists such as Yxng Bane. Their album The Blue print, released in October of 2020 has made it 2nd in the top UK album charts and number one in the UK R&B chart. As of recently they sold out the 02 arena and toured the UK. All whilst being un-signed to a label. Meaning their success is entirely their doing and proving that with hard work any individual from any background can make a name for themselves.

Marvin William Bailey known by his stage name Fredo is an artist who has taken the world by storm in a very short amount of time. Initially attempting to claim fame in 2016 when he released his first ever track, three weeks later he was put in prison when his song began to chart. He gained most of his recognition by featuring on an already established artist, Daves hit single ‘funky friday’ in 2018. His first full length album wasn’t until 2019 and it wasn’t until 2021 where he released his second album that rose to number two on the UK album charts. His album features many well known artists such as Pop Smoke an American rapper who was murdered during a home invasion in 2020. Fredo appears to be so successful due to much of his relatability from his fan. After emerging from Queens Park, London, Fredo has fallen victim to the system. Being kicked out of school before his GCSE’s, the estate where he grew up in West London meant he became involved in Gangs at a young age, entering prison twice and one being stabbed 4 times in an attack on the high street in his area. He now speaks out against gang violence and explains the struggle to his fans who can relate.

Words by Sheridan Dervis

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