TfL funding reduction to cause major travel difficulties

It appears that the TFL network is currently undergoing an unprecedented crisis largely caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the following government underfunding of the London transport network.

It is expected that most plans for new improvements and additions to this transport network will be halted, with only the funds acquired being used to carry out the necessary repairs.

Sadiq Khan said on a statement: “This would mean fewer, less frequent and more run-down bus and tube services for Londoners, making it more difficult to travel around the city. It would also mean more road and tunnel closures due to a lack of funding to maintain key transport infrastructure.”

If the required funds are not provided to finance the London transport service, The Mayor of London has announced that the London Underground is likely to reduce its operations by around 9% along with the further reduction of public bus routes by a larger percentage.

This is how some Twitter users reacted to the news:

We will have to wait until December 11, once the emergency funding deal ends for further updates on the London transport service cuts.

Words by Saray Ramiro Fernandez | Subbing by Tia Janowski

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