Taboo around menstrual pain lifted in Spain

A huge step in acknowledging women’s pain and health is being made in Spain.

During mental health week, Spain made a huge step in recognizing menstrual cycles as a proper health issue. The EU country could become the first in establishing up to five days of menstrual leave a month.  

Ángela Rodríguez, the secretary of state for equality said: “It’s important to be clear about what a painful period is – we’re not talking about slight discomfort, but about serious symptoms such as diarrhoea, fever and bad headaches.”

Another historical win for women in the country would be the new law allowing women over the age of 16 to have abortions without permission from a parent or a guardian.  

The law will be approved next week in the Spanish cabinet. The bill will repeal a 2015 law passed by the conservative party that required women under the age of 17 to acquire parental authorisation for abortions. The present three-day period of introspection for people seeking a termination would also be eliminated.  

Other parts of the law include eliminating the VAT on menstruation products and allowing women with seriously injuring periods between three and five days of leave each month. 

Words: Elitsa Maymareva | Subbing: Ashreya Jimi

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