Strikewatch: Heathrow staff to strike ahead of Qatar World Cup

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Hundreds of workers at Heathrow plan to strike, which could affect the World Cup season, according to trade union.

Unite has stated that 700 workers at Heathrow plan to strike for three days starting from 18 November. The workers are reportedly from airside transport, ground handling and the airport’s cargo team, impacting Terminals 2, 3 and 4.

The staff are striking for increase of pay, and the general secretary of Unite, Sharon Graham, supports the decision stating that the staff “are simply seeking a decent pay rise”. 

Extra flights were scheduled by Qatar Airways to prepare for the expected influx in travellers for the World Cup, starting on 20 November; football fans are likely to be seriously affected by the strikes. Other airlines including Emirates, Virgin, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific will also take a hit.

US citizens travelling home for Thanksgiving may also be affected by the strikes.

A spokesperson for Heathrow has stated that it is the priority of the airport to ensure passengers can travel without disruptions, stating that the team at Heathrow “are in discussions with our airline partners on what contingency plans they can implement to support their ground handling should the strike go ahead.”

Words: Laura Parry | Subbing: Cerah Handsaker

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