Should you stop dining out?


Nowadays, eating in restaurants has become more like a routine for convenience rather than a treat. I remember the time when fast food was a big festive, occasion for me and my family. Usually, we would go to restaurants to celebrate something important. Now what I find cool was to see my mother make her own bread or granola for us, or making our own butter even though that time I was sure fast food was much better and trendy than boring meals at home.

But ever since my move to London, homemade food (especially my mom’s food) has become something that I crave for all the time. Eating fast food or going to restaurants used to be exciting but it is not anymore. Why is that so?

Everyone knows that dining out has many advantages, especially for such a lazy person like me! Saving time, no dirty dishes, eat whenever and whatever we want to at the time. However, according to BBC, the World Health Organisation’s claims that is no other way to eat healthy than homemade-cooking.

Natural Ingredients:

Home cooking allows us to control the ingredients in our food. We are able to choose natural ingredients that are alternatives to unhealthy processed food. Processed food contains fat, sodium, sugar and calories. It is frequently served in restaurants. This does not limit to food served in the restaurants but also the pre-made meals from a grocery store. Cooking at home is safer – we choose our own low-fat, low-calorie ingredients to prepare tasty and healthy meals.

Economic Impact:

Eating at home is economical than eating in restaurants. The total cost of veggies, meat, fruits and other stuff is cheaper than the total cost of a meal at the restaurants. If that isn’t enough to convince you and you despise grocery shopping, you can always use online shopping with the delivery straight away to your door.

Healthy Eating:

Eating at home lets us use healthier methods to prepare our meals. For example, when most of the restaurants are using trans fat oil to cook whereas at home we can use coconut/vegetable oil or just nonfat cooking spray! We are able to add more veggies or fruits to our meals and avoid unhealthy ingredient with the benefit of choice. Cooking at home let us keep eating healthy. But it doesn’t mean we have to spend hours in the kitchen and cooking. If you’ve never cooked before and have no idea how to start cooking at home, don’t worry! There are millions of simple and healthy recipes, where you can select your favourite. In the Great Britain, Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver are the most famous precursors of cooking healthy and simple food at home. They have tutorials on YouTube to start you off on your journey to healthy choices.


We asked some students about their opinion: Do you prefer homemade food or take away? Watch it below to see what London’s munching on.


Words: Dorota Ciolek | Subbing: Tooba Haq

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