Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku: “I was born to score goals”

The striker told Sky Sports that he is like “a leopard in the box” after ending his scoring drought.

Lukaku equalled Belgium’s all-time goal scoring record of 30 international goals, held by Paul van Himst and Bernard Voorhoof, after scoring two goals in a friendly against Mexico on Friday.

His goalless streak stretched back to September. “It’s a relief but I knew it would come”, he said.

With a potential salary of £90 million, crticism is more than legitimate. But he never lost confidence.

“I feel great to be honest. I was born to score. I don’t think many strikers of my generation have as many goals as me.”

Manchester United are now eight points behind Man City in the Premier League race.

Lukaku admitted that United are not in the right place. He hopes that the return of injured players Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimović can bring them back to the success they found early in the season.

“In the last few weeks we didn’t play at the same level and that made it more difficult for me. That’s the sort of thing you have to go through in the season, but now there are players coming back from injury and hopefully we can deliver performances even better than at the start of the season.”


Words: Omar Salvi | Subbing: Asllan Gecaj

Pictures: Wikipedia

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