Science socials worthy of turning the green button blue

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Scientists who will make you feel more enlightened and aware, even whilst scrolling through Twitter or Instagram.

When you scroll down your social media feed, you are guaranteed to find picture’s of your cousin’s new born baby, up-to-the-minute-memes, food porn, fashion trends, celebrity scandals, and the occasional throwback Thursday. What more than likely won’t be up there is the growing number of diseases associated with air pollution. Your social media feed can easily be transformed into a realm of scientific discovery with a simple click. Turn these professional’s follow button from white to blue and be greeted by a stream of easy to comprehend science.

Sylvia A Earle

Internationally accredited oceanographer and explorer Sylvia Alice Earle is an 82 year old best known for winning the Glamour Award for Woman of the Year in 2014 and most recently becoming the first woman to be appointed chief scientist of the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. On her page you will be greeted by a wide array of deep water diving pictures. You’ll find yourself mesmerized by her blue and green tinted screen and wise words for hours on end.

Brian Edward Cox

Brian Edward Cox is a British physicist who has aired on several popular scientific science shows such as, “Wonders of the Universe.” He gained his popularity through his involvement in a pop band as a keyboard player in the 90s. Cox’s career as a scientific broadcaster has led to his career as an author and winner of the Michael Faraday Prize of the Royal Society. He uses his popularity to have a say in British political discussions with scientific backlash and shares the occasional music-themed tweet.

Libby Jewett

Jewett, the director of the National Ocean Acidification Association, accurately explains how air pollution, mass clearings of trees, and other environmental factors leave a footprint on our oceans in an easy and simple way. Even her twitter spouts words of wisdom: “Oceans absorb atmospheric CO2, leading to greater acidity, threatening marine life.”

Andrew Weil

This world-renowned doctor is famous for his not-so-conventional approaches to medicine. Instead of dedicating his time to healing people through prescriptions and surgeries, he restores people to health through the sheer power of our bodies, minds, and spirits. Healing stones, herbal concoctions, special wax, and aura readings. Andrew Weil believes in getting healthy before you get sick and uses his methods and theories created by others. His twitter feed includes daily information on integrative medicine, nutrition, natural health, and general wellbeing.

Cory Richards

Cory Richards, a scientific photojournalist for National Geographic, has created a gorgeous and environmentally conscious Twitter and Instagram feed. His clear and crisp pictures draw attention to his posts while his captions add a dash scientific knowledge.

Words: Jillian Keith

Photo: Jillian Keith

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