Science isn’t getting any ‘butter’

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Advice about the dangers of cholesterol is now being opposed by some scientists

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After all these years of being told to not eat foods high in cholesterol, a small group of scientists have begun to claim that it is okay to eat foods that are high in cholesterol. The British Journal of Sports Medicine published a piece that said “saturated fat does not clog the arteries.” Another website, Medical News Today, also posted an article declaring that high cholesterol does not have any links to heart disease.

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Meanwhile, well known organisations like World Health Organization (WHO) and British Heart Foundation (BHF) stick to their conclusions that saturated fat will increase the risk of heart disease. Foods like butter, lard, cheese, and fatty meats are the culprits that contain the most saturated fats.

This definitely does not help young adults in London, especially when they are becoming more health conscious day by day. According to the Huffington Post, the present younger generation are chasing the healthy lifestyle. VICE also agrees that all young people want to do these days is go on healthy diets and join yoga classes. The Telegraph has statistics on the rise of youth buying healthier food as well.

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But these arguments between scientists about what is healthy and what is not poses a problem for those of us who want to take care of our bodies. What will become of us in the future when we don’t even know whether the information we receive about our health is accurate or not? Only time will tell.


Words: Shruti Tangirala | Subbing: Claire Chung

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