Richard Ratcliffe ends hunger strike after 21 days

vigil in honor of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe,

Richard Ratcliffe, an accountant from north London, having his life flipped upside down by his wife’s arrest, decided to take matters into his own hands.

On the 13th November Ratcliffe ends his hunger strike in front of MP’s office, displaying his patchwork quilt urging people to join stating that ‘the last act of the hunger strike will be a patchwork event held in front of the foreign office’.

Evin prison, Tehran, Iran, is where she stands, being banned from leaving the country until 2023. In her story are details of arrest upon arrest.

It has been a journey for her, but for her husband there is only grief and nervous anticipation for her return.

In central London there sits a vigil in his wife’s honour, where he stands as a declaration, as minister Jeremy hunt puts it: against ‘those who think it is acceptable to use innocent people as pawns in diplomatic power games’.“]

words: Namra Tahir sub-editor: Salma Ahmed


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