London’s Uber prices are rising

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For the first time since 2017, Uber prices are rising by 10% in London, and peak time fares for airport trips will increase by 25%.

Londoners are complaining about the long waiting times and higher fares. The company is aiming to win back more and more Uber drivers and is trying its best to get more drivers to join the platform. Uber promised existing drivers a £500 bonus when they refer a friend to sign up as an Uber driver.


The reason for the price increase is the shortage of more than 20,000 drivers. The pandemic is one of the main reasons why many drivers stopped working for Uber as the demand was very low during the lockdown. Another being many drivers reduced activity on the app.

Lockdown restrictions are eased up now, which means that big events, club nights, concerts and everything is back open, and people are relying on Uber to get home safe. The demand in booking Uber rides is higher than ever now and the long waits, rising prices, canceled rides are irritating for their customers.

Drivers are not accepting rides and cab fares are difficult to obtain, making it hard and stressful for people to get to their destinations.

Uber users were complaining about the high prices on Twitter.

The issue of the shortage of Uber drivers is not just in London but, a nationwide problem.

The petrol crisis and increased fuel price did not make the situation better. Many drivers are complaining about the high prices and refusing to accept rides. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi flew to London to help against the crisis and to get more drivers to sign up with Uber.

With important periods like Christmas and New years approaching, it is still very questionable why there is still a shortage of Uber drivers. The company has the same number of drivers now as they had before the pandemic in 2019.

Not only raising their prices by 10% in general and by 25% for peak time airport fares, but their base fare has also changed from £2.50 to £2.75. Additionally, the per-minute and per-mile rates will also rise by 10%. The company is also bringing back carpooling, which means that people share their rides with other people to get to their destination for cheaper fares.


words: Shemina Schildhauer sub-editor: Rinah Mongombe


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