Revamped club reopens while London has its “last hooray”

Image by Monika Laimaite

Top London strip club is reopening on the night Tier 2 Covid restrictions are introduced.

The notorious London gentlemen’s club SophistiCats got back to business on what was probably the busiest night in London since the beginning of the pandemic.

Despite the current restrictions including the curfew and rule of six, the establishment is returning with a different approach to their usual performances.

With Covid restrictions in place, the club that is known as the ultimate gentlemen’s club in London is forced to change its setting from a strip club to more of a burlesque show.

The performers are working on a new choreography, which will take the customers back to Victorian times.

Owner of SophistiCats Soho, John McKeown, is excited to welcome the customers back in.

He said: “It’s been going for too long, it’s time to live!”

Crowded Soho pubs (image by Monika Laimaite)

As venues continue to adapt in the battle to survive during the Covid-19 pandemic, large groups of people flooded to central London for their last night out.

Among crowds enjoying their drinks, some protest movements could be spotted on the streets of Soho at around 10pm on Friday, October 16.

Small protests were spotted in the streets of Soho (image by Monika Laimaite)

Despite the curfew, unhappy revellers continued to gather in rising numbers; social distancing was not achieved.

Popular political YouTuber noted:

A small protest against the new Covid Tier 2 regulations escalated, with some of the participants fined and handcuffed.

The new restrictions in Tier 2 lockdown going into action today are:

  1. People are not allowed to meet with anybody outside their household, whether at home or in a public place;
  2. Rule of six remains;
  3. People must travel only when it is essential.


Words: Monika Laimaite | Subbing: Monika Groening 


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