Ralph Lauren in line for British knighthood

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It’s been a fantastic year for designer, philanthropist and business executive Ralph Lauren, who is now the first American fashion designer to be given an honorary knighthood.

This means the 79-year-old can add the title of honorary Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (KBE) to his resume.

While knighthoods and damehoods are some of the highest privileges bestowed by a British Monarch, Lauren’s distinction is honorary since he is not a British citizen. In a ceremony taking place next year, Lauren will be given the insignia by a representative of HRH the Queen.

According to an article from GQ, Anthony Philipson, British Consul General to New York and Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for North America has said: “In his storied career in fashion, business, and philanthropy, Mr Lauren has played a key role in forging transatlantic cultural and economic connections”. Philipson also mentioned that Lauren’s philanthropic efforts, “especially in the realm of public health, cancer research and treatment in both the US and the UK have led to benefits felt by citizens around the world.”

Lauren, whose name goes hand in hand with classic Americana style, celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of his eponymous brand back in September this year in New York. The iconic fashion mogul from the Bronx is no stranger to the royals of Buckingham Palace as he is a friend of Prince Charles and has dressed Princess Diana, Duchess Kate Middleton and Duchess Meghan Markle. He also opened a breast cancer research centre in London earlier this year.

Other noteworthy American recipients of an honorary U.K. knighthood or damehood include Angelina Jolie, Steven Spielberg, Bill and Melinda Gates, and ex-Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts.

Tweets congratulating Ralph Lauren have started appearing on the Internet as the news was made public. Arise, Sir Ralph!

Words: Vanessa Craus | Subbing: Lucija Duzel

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