PFA told to evolve as mutiny beckons

Gordon Taylor faces the biggest challenge to his 37 year reign as CEO of the PFA as chairman Ben Purkiss calls for modernisation.

Purkiss, who is a full back for Walsall, has called for an independent review to be conducted by Ed Warner, the former chairman of UK Athletics. The 34-year-old has completed a degree in French and law and a masters in sports directorship with education grants from the PFA but wants to see the union evolve.

He tweeted his views on Thursday evening: “I have a duty to act in the best interests of the PFA. Sometimes you have to make a stand for what is right. Football is rapidly evolving, players are rapidly evolving and the PFA needs to evolve too. Players past, present and future need a PFA for the modern player.”

The PFA were given a £26.6 million share of the Premier League’s tv income last year but have come under criticism for a lack of effectiveness. Taylor was paid £2.29 million according to the PFA’s accounts from last year which according to The Guardian is almost four times the benevolent grants they paid.

Taylor questioned Purkiss’ eligibility to stand as PFA chairman in a letter to its 92 club delegates: “There is a current issue which we are dealing with regarding the position of Ben Purkiss and his eligibility to remain as chairman”.

The Walsall full back is a non-contract player at the Midlands side but intends to stay on, arguing that non-contract players have always been PFA members.

Words: Samuel Carter | Subbing: Lee Pearson

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