#PerfectCostume: For Halloween or Comic Con

In October, Comic-Con and Halloween are near so finding the perfect costume wouldn’t be that simple unless you have an idea of where to purchase all the right pieces to create the look.

Let’s get you introduced on where to buy your costume, wig and if needed, coloured contact lenses.

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Costumes can sometimes be troublesome to find since there are so many characters to choose from either from the DC or Marvel universe to anime. The links will take you to either Argos or Amazon where you can find the costume from the video and many more from your favourite characters.

Amazon – Captain Marvel:


Amazon – Deadpool: 


Argos – Supergirl:


Argos – Batgirl:


Amazon – Alice and Wonderland:


Amazon – Snow White:


Victoria Borodinova | Pixabay.com


If you need a wig whether it’s blue, pink, green or any colour you want, Amazon.co.uk is the perfect place to buy this product. Below you can find some links to the wigs from the video:

Red 80cm Long Hair Heat Resistant Wig: 


Blue 80cm Long Hair Heat Resistant Wig: 


Turquoise Blue Ombre 14 Inch Wig: 


65cm Black Roots Ombre ash blonde Wig: 


Blonde 100cm Long Hair Heat Resistant Wig: 


27 Inch Pink Wig: 


Beautiful Long Wavy Grey Wig: 


Alexas Fotos | Pixabay.com


Contact lenses can sometimes be hard to find from trustworthy sources. This specific product can be guaranteed when it’s bought at an optician and not on a dodgy looking website where cheap contact lenses can be hazardous to your sight. However, the following places are a guarantee that the contact lenses are safe, cheaper and reliable.

The links to the coloured contact lenses:

Vision Direct: 


Feel Good Contacts: 


Lens Store: 


(Andrea Bova | Pexels.com)


These are just a few ideas out of countless ways to get creative. Once you’re ready to go, I hope you’ll be impressed with yourself in the mirror.


Words: Bridget Cardenas Pazmino | Video & Editing: Bridget Cardenas Pazmino | Subbing: Ruta Tamulynaite

Featured image credit: Donald Tong

Music: Blue Sky by Ikson | The Upbeat Corporate by Infraction

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