People’s Vote march: who? why? where?

More protests will take place in central London on Saturday, with at least hundreds of thousands of People’s Vote campaigners expected to march through the capital as part of their call for a second referendum on Brexit.

What is the People’s Vote?

The People’s Vote is a campaign group made up of more than 700,000 supporters and 20,000 activists calling for a second referendum on Brexit.

The campaigners are demanding either a confirmatory vote on the deal the government has agreed with the European Union or for a repeat of the 2016 referendum.

The campaign has attracted the support of celebrities such as Sir Patrick Stewart, Natasha McElhone and Delia Smith, who have helped to organise transport to bring thousands of people to Westminster for tomorrow’s march.

Why are they marching?

The march, titled ‘March Together for the Final Say’, could be the group’s final protest against the current state of play in the Brexit process. Huge numbers are expected to descend on the capital this Saturday.

Following a crucial week of tense Brexit negotiations, ‘Final Say’ organisers said: “The march from Park Lane to Parliament will deliver a message loud and clear to the Government and MPs that they should trust the people, not Boris Johnson, to solve the Brexit crisis.”

Tomorrow also marks the first day Parliament has sat on a Saturday in nearly 40 years, during which MPs will debate and vote on an amendment whether or not to delay bringing Boris Johnson’s deal forward.

Where are they marching?

At noon groups are encouraged to meet between Marble Arch and Hyde Park Corner stations on Park Lane. From here, they will travel to Parliament Square.


Words: Hannah Wilson | Subbing: Scott Mathew

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