Peckham nightclub loses license for breaking Covid-19 guidelines

Afrikiko on Old Kent Road, Peckham has had its licensed revoked. (image: Google maps)

A nightclub in South London has been stripped of its license after failing to abide by the coronavirus measures.

Afrikiko Restaurant and Club in Old Kent Road, Peckham, continued to ignore social-distancing rules after a string of visits from Met Police Officers.

The venue was visited six times by officers in an attempt to engage with staff to encourage them to follow the new regulations.

Nightclubs have been shut since the pandemic forced the nation into lockdown back in March.

On 26 September, officers found more than 45 people in the nightclub’s basement area.

Despite being handed numerous warnings and an ‘improvement notice’, the rule breaking continued and officers submitted a review of the restaurant and club to Southwark Council.

A hearing took place on Tuesday where councillors decided to revoke the venues alcohol license.

Sgt Keith Dempster, said: “We don’t want to take away people’s livelihoods – we would far rather they engaged with us and operated in a safe way for everyone. However, by repeatedly operating as a nightclub, staff and patrons were exposed to a real risk of contracting and spreading coronavirus, which would have affected London’s communities”.

“Breaching these measures could also play a part in increasing the chance of further lockdown measures being imposed in London that would hurt other businesses.”

Afrikiko has 21 days to appeal the council’s decision.

Words by Leah Nelson | Subbing: Grace Staley

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