Must watch Christmas movies on Netflix

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It’s that time of the year again and it’s the perfect season to binge watch Christmas movies on Netflix. Whoever loves Christmas and wants to get in the holiday mood should watch these movies.

Netflix has a variety of Christmas movies they have produced over the years, which are perfect to watch with your family, your partner or even alone.

Holiday season will begin soon, people are ready to celebrate Christmas and are getting in the right Christmas spirit. These movies show the viewers that Christmas is about giving, spreading love and being together as a family.

Here are the must watch Christmas movies you should watch on Netflix. Additionally some of the positive reactions people posted on Twitter.

The Holiday Calendar (2018)

The holiday calendar is a romantic film about a girl named Abby Reilly who is a struggling photographer. She gets an antique Advent calendar from her grandfather, which turns out to be magical as every door has a special surprise, which leads to her of finding true love.

Holidate (2020)

Two strangers are tired of being single during the holidays and agree of being their fake boyfriend/girlfriend on the holidays. While pretending they start to catch feelings for each other and fall in love. 

The Princess Switch (2018-2021)

The Princess Switch is a Children and Family movie. It is about two girls with complete opposite life’s. One of the girls is a baker and the other one is a princess. They come across each other coincidentally and look like identical twins. They have decided to switch roles for a week and find love. Netflix has also produced a second and a third part of the movies.

Love hard (2021)

Love hard is a romantic comedy. It’s about a journalist who is looking for love after her bad experience with dating. She finds the perfect match on a dating app, which turns out to be the complete different as she was hoping for, when she surprises him for Christmas.

Netflix has also produced they’re own international Christmas movies, which is something different as they show different versions of Christmas movies.

A Naija Christmas (2021), Grumpy Christmas (2021)

A good example is the launch of the movie called A Naija Christmas. It will come out this Thursday and is about a Nigerian family, their mothers Christmas wish and their competition after knowing the price it will take to fulfil it.

Grumpy Christmas will premier on the 21st of December. It is a Mexican Christmas movie about a Mexican family that goes on a trip during Christmas, which turns out to be a different type of Christmas as the whole family is in competition.

Words by Shemina Schildhauer Sub-editor Rinah Mungombe

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