MPs reject plan for a general election

Credits to: ChiralJon

Prime Minister will push again for a December poll after Parliament has rejected his plans for the third time.

Boris Johnson will present a new short bill in Parliament today at noon to hold a general election before Christmas. Unlike the voting result on Monday, a simple majority would be adequate to pass.

The government was backed by commons 299 to 70 on Monday evening. Labour abstained, 18 of the 19 Liberal Democrats voted against. However, the 299 ayes were less than the two-thirds majority required under the Fixed Terms Parliament Act; therefore, the motion was rejected.

The government is not focusing on passing its Brexit deal at present. Instead, it needs the support from the opposition for a December general election.

SNP leader at Westminster, Ian Blackford, made clear, his party needs a guarantee that the PM will not force his Brexit bill in the meantime. Liberal Democrats leader, Jo Swinson said “she can’t just trust what the prime minister says” and still insists on an earlier 9 December poll.

Words: Catarina Joele | 
Photo: ChiralJon

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