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Lilly Singh aka IISuperwomanII, YouTube comedy star announced a break from creating videos to focus on her mental health, joining more content creators on hiatus. 

Singh, 30 shared the news in a video titled “I’ll see you soon” through her YouTube channel to over 14 million fans. She admits being “physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted” after creating content for eight years and could be “mentally healthier”.  She does not mention how long the hiatus will be saying it “could be a week, a month maybe more”.

The news follows after multiple youtubers reach a stage of burn out amidst peak popularity on the platform. In September, Lucy Moon, another vlogger and youtuber opened up on her channel in the video “Why I stopped vlogging” about creating a 100 videos in a span of 150 days and suffering a stage of severe stress.

Even though YouTube is an open platform that enables anyone to create a range of media, increasingly YouTubers face challenges with competitive content and changing algorithms that alter views. Alisha Marie, beauty, fashion and lifestyle YouTuber also took a break from the video-giant saying “This Isn’t Goodbye” citing the burn out and not being proud of her content back in May.

With more content creators taking/considering a break from Youtube, mental health concerns are rising in the industry due to the fear of losing their following and views. One of the most popular Youtubers’ with over 70 million subscribers, Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie), also created a video titled “Don’t start Youtube without watching this” discussing that if “you take a break, your numbers will fall.”

Amidst such events, the audience has mostly remained supportive but bitter too.


Words: Sonakshi Sharma

Subbing: Duha Ali

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