Mayweather vs Paul 2021

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“Undefeated” boxing legend Floyd Mayweather will fight Youtube star Logan Paul in a confirmed “super exhibition” boxing match on the 21st February 2021 on pay-per-view. 

Floyd “Money” Mayweather is a sporting and boxing legend, with 26 consecutive wins on his record, while Paul has amassed over 22 million subscribers on youtube. This is not Paul’s first public boxing match, as he also fought in an exhibition boxing match against YouTube rival KSI in 2019.

While the pair have clear differences in their careers, there is also a significant age gap, as Logan Paul is 25 while Mayweather is 43. Paul is also slightly taller than Mayweather, with a height of 6.1 over 5.6.

Twitter has erupted at the news.

Due to Floyd’s boxing experience, many believe this contest has already been decided with the YouTube star having no chance of winning. On the topic of winning, his last professional fight didn’t end so well, as he lost in a split decision victory against KSI.

Even betting chain store Paddy Power, gave their opinion.

While others claimed this exhibition match shows the flawed business model of the boxing industry.

For some time now, many fans have debated the flaws in the boxing business model and the over-awarding of championship belts. Loyal watchers believe the fights which are being delivered to them are “money-driven”, with the real fights between contenders delayed.

While the official rules of this “super exhibition match” are still to be released, fans of both competitors patiently wait to witness what will be a huge event in sporting history.

Words: Bethan Adams | Subbing: Michael Patcha

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