EU Deputy Commission on Brexit: “Agreement reached with London”

picture by Stux on Pixabay

Maros Sefcovic announced via Twitter the agreement reached between the UK and the EU. Find agreements on borders that protect “peace” in Ireland and clarified the terms of the application of the rules on state aid.



The protocol, the Commission recalls, “protects the Good Friday agreements in all their dimensions”, maintaining “peace” on the island of Ireland.

Agreements have been found on borders, “in particular with regard to controls on animals, plants and derived products, export declarations, the supply of medicines, frozen meats and other food products for supermarkets”.

Among other things, the terms of the application of the rules on state aid have also been clarified. Under this agreement, the UK will withdraw some articles of the Internal Market Act. The agreement will now be finalised and will have to be definitively approved by a new meeting of the EU-UK joint committee, which will take place “before the end of the year”.


Words: Deborah Melchiorre | Subbing: Sara Guadrini


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