Mayor Of London Calls for Schools In London To Slam Shut Early For The Holidays

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has called for schools in London to close early based on recent figures showing a large outbreak in Covid-19 cases among 10-19 year olds. 

Expressed in a letter to ministers, Mayor Khan made it clear that it was imperative for teenagers to get tested more than they are at present. 

This all comes amidst schools in Greenwich being the first to move to a fully online teaching basis. 

Khan’s idea however was opposed by a spokesman from the Department of education who said it was “vital” for students to attend schools until the end of the term. 

Khan has expressed deep concern and figures can back up his reasons for such concerns. 

According to the Office of national statistics, between the 25th October 2020 and the 5th December 2020, there has been a steady increase in Covid rates of children from year 7-11. 

Above is a graph showing the steady increase from October ending until now.

This decreased over a couple of days during the second lockdown then began to rise again towards the end. 

Amongst other age groups, there was a huge drop which then began to rise again after lockdown. 

These figures show the impact of Covid-19 on teenagers may have been underestimated as they have been allowed to continue attending school. 

Sadiq Khan tried to make this obvious in his letter when he said testing had to be “urgently expanded” to students. 


Words: Michael Nathan

Subbed: Michael Patcha


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