London’s first day out after lockdown

Photo by: @EvaDang | Unsplash

As London moved to tier 2, shops and gastronomic is allowed to open again 

The reopen is a tremendous relief for many restaurants and shop owners. According to the Guardian, more than 150.000 Jobs in London are threatened.

Many restaurants, bars and shops promoted their reopening on social media, like the Boxpark in Wembley.

Or the restaurant The Beefsteaks in Soho.

This second lockdown has been very hard for many employees in those sectors. “I was afraid to lose my job,” – says Saffron Stiller, a 36 years old saleswoman at the store Libby. She is glad that the store can open again. Also, waitresses suffered under the lockdown as well. “I knew that our restaurant couldn’t survive without reopening,” – says Sarah Roth, 29, who works as a waitress at Gaucho.


If you want to see some impressions of the first day, then check out the video below:



Words and video by: Lara Bonczek | Gabriela Jimenez

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