London Film & Comic Con celebrates its 15th anniversary!

Last weekend, here at The Voice of London we got to experience it all at London Film & Comic Con’s 15th anniversary.

If you were at London’s Olympia you know how it all went down.

From hundreds of cosplayers, to movies’ previews. From games to anime, from superheroes to Stranger Things and not only!
Are you one of the lucky ones to have snapped a picture with Jason Momoa aka the incredible Aquaman? Or Zachary Quinto?

Wait! Did we forget to mention someone? Tom Ellis aka Lucifer came straight from hell to pay us a visit .. and many more!

Here the best tweets from you guys!

And here the weekend’s highlight …

Star Wars … Lego Edition

Hundreds of people stroll around the various booth of comics, films, cult television, gaming and cosplay

Anybody said PopVinyls?

Black Cat & Venom almost … killed me

The real BatMobile

Who’s that? OMG! It’s Rey Mysterio!

And now, it’s time to share your experience at London Film & Comic Con.

How was your magic weekend?

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