Living eco-friendlier for five days

With recent headlines reporting on melting sea ice and dying species – now more than ever has there been an urgency for people to become more environmentally conscious and reduce their waste and energy consumption. But for many people, the idea of going green means being rich and for young people, particularly students, who don’t have a lot of money, this means that eco-friendly living is even less attainable.


But is it? I took on the challenge and tried living an eco-friendly lifestyle for five days. I set my budget to £30 for my grocery shopping and I decided to cycle to university or otherwise take public transport.

For this video, I also met up with an expert, Clyo Parecchini, from the Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) who co-manages a course called Live Well, in East London.

I travelled to their community kitchen and garden to cook and discuss on whether it was possible for young people and students to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. If you’re curious to watch how it went, click below:



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Want to find out more about the Live well course, visit WEN’s website here.


Words : Abigail Obina | Subbed: Keming Kuang | Cover photo: Unsplash | Photos: Clyo Parecchini from WEN, Unsplash

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