Library Lookbook: From playful elegant to sporty nerd

With midterms approaching and the temperature dropping, when it comes to getting dressed for a long day in the library, the temptation for wearing sweatsuits all week grows. However, style doesn’t need to be sacrificed in lieu of comfort.

Here are three outfit ideas that are not only visually pleasing but will also pass the test of sitting for hours in the library. Tested by Voice of London.


The playful elegant

This look is perfect if you want to look casual but also a little bit like a wealthy housewife from Chelsea. Pair your trusty mom jeans with a crispy white oversized shirt and sneakers. For extra warmth, wrap a silk scarf around your neck and decorate your ankles with Egyptian cotton baby pink socks.


The romantic pretty

Before you pack all your summer garments to the highest shelf of your closet, think again. Long cotton dresses in darker colours and autumnal patterns can easily be incorporated into your ‘library wardrobe’. This floral bell-sleeved dress is the perfect length for showing off your coolest orange shimmery socks. Paired with a deep green knitted sweater and gold-detailed buckle belt, both comfort and style are guaranteed.


The sporty nerd

To look more put together with zero effort, just choose a striped shirt to go with your sweatpants. This navy tracksuit-like trouser with red stripes running down the side is the perfect choice. Made from a light material with a high-rise waistline, it makes the look floaty and extra flattering. Accessorise it with your favourite golden hoops and a vibrant red sweater, and you are ready to embark on an endless journey into the world of books and academic journals.

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Words, Video and Styling: Noemi Martini | Subbing: Taylor Paatalo | Photography: Sara Varga | Model: Maelina Hassel

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