5 British fashion brands to know and wear this winter

Image via Imagine China.

Meet these up-and-coming London-based brands now.

Voice of London selected five up-and-coming London based brands with unique and eye-catching designs that we think would well be worth adding to your winter closet. Check them out below!

Rejina Pyo

One of the newer brands to receive attention during the Spring/Summer 2019 London Fashion Week, Rejina Pyo showed off balanced colour palettes, elegant tailoring, and creative design in their clothing. Their signature handbag hit new peak sales during LFW and has since made a reputation for the brand through its extensive social media exposure.

With recognition on social media and the help of fashion bloggers, Rejina Pyo has increasingly been attracting attention from the younger generation. The current season uses bright citrus colours, unique prints, and beautiful handmade details – an easy win over a fashion lover’s heart.



Danse Lente

Danse Lente is becoming known for their unique handbag style. Danse is dedicated to making their own brand using lovey metallic details. The simplistic shapes and straps of the handbags are one highlight of the brand. Each and every Danse bag is impossible not to fall in love with.




Neous is quickly becoming a shining star in shoe fashion. With signature round shaped heels, their shoes announce their uniqueness loud and clear. Neous targets consumers with a high demand for comfort as much as style. With that being said, Neous is more than capable of providing art in the form of a pair of shoe. Not to mention – the combination of different materials in each pair is an innovative move that proves to be very eye-catching.



Kitri shakes up the concept of luxurious quality without the price tag. Kitri’s designer team consists of a group of creatives from London. They take full advantage of being based in a fashion capital and you can really see this in the essence of their design. The bright colours in most of their garments adds a brightness to London’s rainy days, as well as to customers’ closets.

For this season, we highly recommend the faux leather skirt. Perfect length plus perfect material? Everything comes just a bit closer to perfection.


House of Sunny

Founded in 2011, House of Sunny aims to create casual, day-to-day outfits for the wardrobe. With edgy cuts, sophisticated detailing, and affordable prices, House of Sunny has become a lifesaver for many young women.

You can find their products at any ASOS, Topshop, or Urban Outfitters store. Kendall Jenner and Maya Jama are just a few of House of Sunny’s celebrity fans.




Words: SiJie Ren | Subbing: Taylor Paatalo

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