Lazy Oaf x Dr. Martens: Another Not-So-Boring Collab

Kilian Seiler via Unsplash

London-based clothing brand Lazy Oaf are set to do their forth collaboration with Dr. Martens which will be dropping this Thursday, 18th November .

The two brands have previewed their upcoming line on their Instagram pages which has brought much anticipation for followers on both platforms.

Alongside their collaboration drop, there is also a chance to enter their competition to win a pair of their Sinclair boots which will be part of the clothing line to come.

In addition, Dr. Martens have also released an Instagram filter to ramp up the excitement for their anticipated drop.

This will be the forth collaboration that the two have done. The first being back in 2017 where Lazy Oaf founder Gemma Shiel expressed her love for Dr. Martens saying “they are still just as relevant today and I see so many of our customers wearing them with our stuff, so a collaboration felt right”.

The independent brand have been going strong for the past two decades and have just recently celebrated their 20th anniversary.

The shoes will be available to purchase in both stores and their online websites.

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