Lana Del Rey’s new album release confirmed

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Make sure that you mark the 10th of March in your new 2023 calendar because that’s when Lana Del Rey’s new album is coming out!

Did You Know There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd comes almost one year and a half after her last album Blue Banisters and almost two years since Chemtrails Over The Country Club.

Along with this announcement, the singer also has released a 4:45-long song with the album’s title as a preview of its essence. “When’s it gonna be my turn?” she sings, “love me until I love myself”.

“What can I say! I’m so grateful to be present and feeling effervescent today,” Del Rey wrote today on her Instagram private account, “With a mind full of violets and a forehead warmed by the sun as I pray in the garden.”

In this new album, Del Rey will collaborate with the following artists: Father John Misty, Tommy Genesis, Judah Smith, Bleachers, SYML and Jon Batiste. Also, Jack Antonoff will work as a producer, accompanied by Mike Hermosa, Drew Erickson, Zach Dawes and Benji.

After her last week’s confession to HOLA TV saying that she would announce the album’s release date today, fans have been waiting impatietly and the pre-orders are available now.

“Once again, as always, Lana is being a lyrical genius. Her songs are so beutiful, like poetry. I really love the neew song, I feel like it has cinematic vibes, and I really enjoy the strings in the background, especially in the beggining” comments Lumi, Lana’s fan. “The vibe of the song makes me think of her other album Ultraviolence. I am hoping that the album that is coming out has a similar energy to it, her best album on my opinion”.

“I think that the new song sets us up to potentially hear a more vulnerable side of her” adds Lana’s fan Charissa. “I’m excited to hear a more developed Lana that pours her soul into this project similarly to her last two albums, I think that we can expect authenticity”.

Words: Argia Hernandez | Subbing: Elitsa Maymareva |Featured Image: Screenshot from Spotify

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