Labour MP Christian Matheson resigns amidst sexual misconduct claims

Matheson has resigned his seat as MP of City of Chester. Unsplash: Manuele Sangalli

Labour MP Christian Matheson has resigned after being accused of two sexual misconduct claims by a former member of his staff.

The Independent Expert Panel determined that the “aggravating” behaviours exhibited by Matheson warranted his four-week suspension.

Reportedly, the married MP made physical advances including holding the complainant’s hand and attempting to kiss the her on the mouth.

All of the actions were unwanted and unreciprocated, leading Mr Matheson to admit his breach of code and unprofessional conduct. Although, the MP maintains his innocence, stating “I have been found guilty of several allegations that I know to be untrue.”

After appealing the recommended four-week suspension, the MP made the decision to surrender his seat and “seek to rebuild my life elsewhere.”

According to a statement by Matheson, the claims have had a negative effect on his health, leading to his hospitalisation. He then issued apologies to his constituents, the House of Commons and his family.

A by-election will follow Mr Matheson’s resignation in the City of Chester in the coming weeks.

Words: Cerah Handsaker | Subbing: Yana Trup

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