It’s you and me dear… I mean beer

Smile Milica, you have found a goldmine! Image: Milica Cosic

Beer loving students, gather! We may have missed Britain’s National Beer Day which is held on the 15th of June but, have no fear… we shall be more than prepared for next year! 

Milica went to Amathus beer shop in Wardour Street, London, where she found five of her favourite international beers. Note: if you cannot find the beer in store, you can request the beers to be delivered to their store. The staff are warm and lovely and are always willing to help out and stock our empty student empty with good beer!

Kew Brewery’s Pagoda Pale 
The brewery itself is located in Richmond and the taste of its beers is inspired by the Kew Gardens; Kew Brewery keeps its beers simple but tasty. With the malt and hops grown in England, the brewery thrives on sustainability and keeping food miles’ low, especially emphasised through Pagoda Pale. If no success in Amathus, the beer can be also be found in Sourced Market in St Pancras or Victoria or, in Wholefoods in Piccadilly.
330ml bottle: £2.70

Brooklyn Brewery’s Brooklyn Lager
Brewing started in 1988 in Brooklyn, New York City by Steve Hindy. Today, Brooklyn beers are well known all over the world for their iconic italic ‘B’ logo. The lager has caramel malts which is supported by dry hops and a long but cold maturation process which brings out the best of the flavours. The lager has been named ‘the best craft lager in America’ and, no wonder as it goes with any meal, especially a cheesy pizza!
330ml bottle: £2.95


Brewdog’s Punk IPA
Starting in 2007 with only two employees, Brewdog is one of the UK’s biggest brewery success stories at the moment. With a mission to make people passionate about craft beers, they have certainly done that, especially though Punk IPA. The taste of tropical fruits explode in your mouth, finishing off with a sharp and bitter taste. The IPA is surely a good one with a meaty burger!
330ml bottle: £1.80


Kirin’s Kirin Ichiban
Brewed in Japan, this beer can be named as one of the most luxurious one, one has had the pleasure of tasting. The beer is brewed on first press which means that only the finest and purest flavours of the malt come through. The beer itself goes down a treat; it is smooth and does not have a bitter aftertaste.
330ml bottle: £3.15

Traquair’s Jacobite Ale
Still brewing with a recipe which dates back to the eighteenth century (which includes coriander), Traquair is not a brewery to be messed with! The hops give a warm and biscuit like aroma which balances well with the herbal smell from the coriander, this beer is perfect by itself on a chill Friday night with the housemates.
330ml bottle: £2.91


Words: Milica Cosic | Subbing: Kate Kulniece

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