Glitter cappuccinos are a thing

Image: Instagram/coffeebydibella

Just when you thought the unicorn trend was out, they pull you right back in. Glitter, shimmer, and all things basic have come together in the glitter cappuccino encouraging is all to embrace our inner basic b*tch. 

Bad news is, if you’re reading this outside of India you’ll just have to wait for your crack at the frothy wonder. The glitter cappuccino comes in two shades, silver and gold – and is only available at Coffee By Di Bella, a coffee chain based in Mumbai, India.


The closest you can get, before the trend inevitably hits London, will cost you a trip to Litchfield. Coffee shop Melbourne in Litchfield are already serving up a golden glittery cappuccino.


The edible glitter does not add any flavour to the drink. So thankfully, there is no fear of a repeat of the Unicorn Frappuccino backlash.

If you ask me, I would argue that other mythical creatures are not getting enough attention. My vote? Sasquatch latte. Serve me a latte in a furry mug. Please.


Written: Tristan Prawl l Subbed: Milica Cosic

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