It’s time for rock – from “Back in Black” to “Power up”

Photo by: @Anthony-delanoix | Unsplash

20 years after the release of their seventh album Back in Black“, the group AC/DC announces their 17th album Power up.

Many people didn’t expect that the group will get back together after a numerous years without them. Well, they were wrong.

Their new album Power up is on the right track and it is here to recall the taste of old-fashioned rock-n-roll. 

Constantly reminded that their previous albums sound alike they needed to come up with a fresh new sound.

The band feels excited and are planning to make a tour after the coronavirus restrictions are lifted. 

The previous years were challenging for the group. In 2016 they faced many obstacles such as the long-awaited break of Cliff Williams and hearing problems of Brian Johnson.

In 2014 the guitarist Malcolm Young had to retire after being diagnosed with dementia. Tragically, he passed away in November 2017. 

The album was co-written by Angus and Malcolm Young in 2017 before the death of Malcolm. The band pays a tribute to Malcolm with the album. 

The lead song Shot in the dark was originally recorded between 2018 and 2019 and was premiered in their Youtube channel on 26th October 2020.

This is the first song they announced after their last single Rock the Blues Away” in 2015. The song is fresh, fun and energising like the style of the band has always been.



The second song released was Realize.

It has a strong vibe and its additionally empowered by the staccato rhythm. Amazingly, it may remind one of the song Thuderstuck recorded in 1990 and part of the album Razors Blend.


The album includes 12 songs and is available on Spotify: 

1 Realize

2 Rejection 

3 Shot In The Dark 

4 Through The Mists Of Time

5 Kick You When You Are Down

6 Witch’s Spell

7 Demon Fire

8 Wild Reputation

9 No Mans Land 

10 Systems Down 

11 Money Shot 

12 Code Red 

Words by: Vanya Petyova I Subbing: Grace Staley

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