‘It’s a girl?!’ – The overlooked torment of women in gaming

Streamer TheZoeNova on Twitch.tv

Twitch streamer TheZoeNova opens up about her encounters with sexism and abuse amongst the gaming community

It’s year 2022 but the gaming community is stuck in the early 2000s with the frightening amounts of misogyny and harassment female gamers and streamers face on a daily basis.

TheZoeNova, or Zoe, 19, a creator on the popular streaming platform Twitch.tv shared her story and let us dive deep into the harassment she’s experienced just because of her gender and sexuality by other gamers as well as viewers. To find out more check out the video!

Content warning: misogynism and strong language

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Video: Lumi Leinonen | Words: Lumi Leinonen | Subbing: Aleksandra Martynow

1 Comment on "‘It’s a girl?!’ – The overlooked torment of women in gaming"

  1. Very good video Zoenova is very cool and entertaining person and very respectful it is very hard to be female streamer and at that one who games as well very much respect for her continuing with streaming and hope many others take her advice and do what you want and don’t let people who hate what you believe in or have interest in doing like streaming/gaming. I have definitely heard it all as a gamer myself disrespect that females get in game chat and it is very much there, I’m glad she is doing it and I hope others in her situation do as well no matter what anyone says to you. Thank you.

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