It Starts with Us, the newest CoHo book

Colleen Hoover fans, the wait is finally over!  

Six years after It Ends with Us was published, the long-awaited sequel is now ready to be placed on your shelves.  

It Starts with Us comes to take over BookTok in no time!  

Within two days of its publication, readers are already writing reviews on the popular book platform Goodreads. With an average score of 4.37 stars, the book is expected to be one of the most praised of Hoover’s.  

However, the sequel wouldn’t be as much awaited, if it weren’t for the heartbreaking story of the main characters Lily Bloom and Atlas Corrigan from the first novel, It Ends with Us.  

Jumping back and forth from Lily’s childhood to her present, the book also gives insight into her father’s abusive relationship with her mother and the mark it left on Lily. The present follows Lily, who is building her life in Boston when she meets successful surgeon Ryle Kincaid.  

A bit after they begin their relationship, Lily is devastated when she realizes her worst fears have come true. Ryle Kincaid is an abuser, just like her father once was.  

‘’We weren’t really given a moment to process what happened. It’s like a stomach drop moment’’ – Ashreya, 20, said.  

Initially labelled as a romance, the book takes a dark turn exploring Lily’s awakening through her abusive relationship.  

Torn between her current boyfriend Ryle, and her resurfacing feelings for her childhood love Atlas, who she keeps running into, she needs to make one serious decision.  

‘’I felt the book as a lesson’’- Argia, 20, commented.  

The novel left readers feeling heartbroken, but hopeful for Lily’s future. Even though this novel is fiction, the message it sends shouldn’t be overlooked.  

‘’The plot was much more than just a love story,’’- Annie, 21, said ‘’it’s the kind of literature that addresses a deep and sensitive issue, and reading it made me realise how significant it is and how many other individuals deal with the same problem outside the fiction world.’’ 

The Voice of London team sympathizes with victims of domestic abuse and would like to share links to organizations that can provide help.  

Women’s Aid offers a help chat and a forum.   

The NHS has a page dedicated to help-lines and signs people can look for in an abusive situation.  

However, just because we hear more about women suffering from domestic violence, it doesn’t mean that men don’t experience it as well:  

Men’s Advice Line is a website where men can get help from domestic abuse.  

Words: Elitsa Maymareva

Subbing: Anna Kamocsai

Featured image: Ashreya Jimi

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