Is fear driving Mainstream Media to its death?

A lack of trust in the mainstream news press has seen a surge of demand in alternative media. The collapse of the newspaper industry may be closer than you think.

Football television pundit, Matt Le Tissier, posted a picture of a British newspaper stand showing the same front page on all editions. He encouraged on his Twitter profile that it is ‘time to look at alternative independent journalists’.

Diversity in many walks of life is appreciated. The 21st century in the West has seen a mini cultural revolution in young people who stand against discrimination.

Whether it’s about racism, religious discrimination, gender inequality and more recently the rise of transphobia, everyone deserves a voice and should be treated fairly.

What brings this to our attention about mainstream media? Fear can drive and influence people to think about certain things in a one-dimensional point of view. This comes across as ignorant. Closed-mindedness shuts down our ability to listen to another person’s point of view.

The news from the mainstream media press has reported overwhelmingly about the harm Covid has caused to people, with most newspapers encouraging people to get a booster jab.

The constant advertising display of this news everywhere can make people feel desensitised and overwhelmed with one main topic of news information.

It may look bad because of the sense of urgency and it seems this message from the NHS is coming from fear. The investigative journalist John Solomon, who is the founder for Just The News, has stated ‘more than 75% of Americans believe the mainstream media’s primary goal is advancing its own agenda’.

London based freelance news company Kolabtree has seen a 50% surge of medical writers during the coronavirus pandemic. There is one positive side to this worrying nature around the constantly mutating, contagious disease of Covid-19.

With cases increasing every day by the thousands, it’s encouraged medical experts around the world to contain the spread of the virus. Kolabtree, the largest freelance platform for scientists in the world with 17,000 scientists is seeing an increase in half its size.

Words: Tadhg Ormond

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