Inside OTO: A Sexual Perspective People Need to Hear Right Now

Ordo Templi Orientis

The religious organisation, Ordo Templi Orients , is noted for its practice of Aleister Crowley’s, Sex Magick through its membership and initiations.
Reporter: Gabrielle Espinet | Subeditor: Lateefa Farah

A woman is impregnated at an altar.  Another is participating in intercourse with the involvement of menstrual blood.  Some are adoring the phallus.  The male is spitting saliva whilst mixing sexual fluids.  This is not a porno; it is Ordo Templi Orientis, a religious organisation that practices the science of Aleister Crowley’s teachings and integrates his theories in their membership process.  Coitus is a controversial topic, especially when practiced in a group setting.  Is this why Ordo Templi Orientis is cited a concern over the practice of Sex Magick?

We contacted spokesman Etienne Howess of London’s Cult Centre and he explained he and his colleagues are aware of Ordo Templi Orientis.  “It would be a group about which we are concerned.  If you got someone involved in the group, then they are going to need some help.”  He ended saying, “this particular group tends to be on the occult end of things as opposed to anything else”.

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Is it acceptable to discriminate against OTO’s religious practices? If so, does their practice of Sex Magick have anything to do with it?  The more I thought about it, the more I asked myself why the public is concerned with OTO’s interaction with Sexual Magick.

Sex is a culture that glorifies human desires, so why do we regard sex with this organisation in a negative light?  Is it because it is public and associated with multiple people?  If so, this raises concerns on our perspectives of sex and its industry.

Maybe the sex industry is triggering because we immediately associate prostitution and sex trafficking with this.  We’re dealing with people saying you’re selling your body.  Sex work is seen as degrading and isn’t accepted outside most societies.  Some reject it legally and religiously.

But the sex industry can be viewed in two ways.

  1. People are in it by choice or circumstance


  1. The sex industry is exploitative and a form of gender-based violence.

I spoke to an Irish member of the community.  She told me that it is a common misconception that Ordo Templi Orientis is some kind of sex cult.  She continued, “the concept of Sex Magick is not about performing Sex Magick with other people (though some do that in their private business), it is about attuning to your divine power which is the basis of all creation”.

She spoke casually about the organisation’s methodology and theology.  After reading, most people might find themselves in a web of unacceptable behavior or obscured societal norms.


Sex is a fundamental human right.


There are so many ways to be intimate and OTO finds enlightenment through access/pleasure of the body.  It is healing and regarded as the way to one’s Will.  And you know what?  There’s a dichotomy to it; you say you’re a hooker and all of the sudden you’re considered inhumane.  But truthfully, these acts and services are how people self-identify.

Sex work automatically produces a condemning mind that shifts from ‘whores’ to ‘drugs’ and establishes a generic image of criminalisation.  And as politics, behavior, and everything in between has taught us, this consensus derives from the media.  However, to members of OTO’s society, it’s a choice.  What’s happening is a service is being provided.  These people are choosing to participate in an activity that a majority of the population does.   Sex is essential.  It is just as important as air and water.

Sex Magick is serving OTO’s community.  It has a function and it helps (prospective) members to fulfill their Will.

So should people be allowed to create a stigma of OTO, when we all participate in our own personal kinks?

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