Five exciting and cheap Airbnb bungalows in Bali (plus bonus!)

Bali is a luxury destination. Five-star hotels, extravagant restaurants, high-priced spa getaways and fancy beach clubs –  the Indonesian Island has it all. Apparently, Bali is also one of those places that can be enjoyed for a small price, with its Airbnb bungalows, all-inclusive surf schools, yoga houses, secret beaches, art hubs, ocean-view hipster bars and many more. Check out the most fascinating places to stay at a reasonable cost!

Reporter: Mariya Grinina | Sub-editor: Joseph Carey

Street signs in Ubud, Bali's artistic and cultural hub

Street signs in Ubud, Bali’s artistic and cultural hub


Cheap off the beaten track accommodation in luxury a setting

Wanagiri, North Bali

Set among jungles and coffee plantations up in the mountains of North Bali some two hours from Bali’s cultural centre Ubud, the beautiful complex offers cheap private rooms in a former luxury hotel. Elegantly decorated rooms come at just $38 (£30). Hosts serve daily breakfast and sometimes cook dinner from food that grows on-site. There is a herb and vegetable garden, and a former swimming pool that’s now used to house fish, which guests are all invited to use. Hosts live nearby and welcome travellers for a coffee, chat, drinks or traditional music that they play almost every evening. In addition to the homely atmosphere, this Airbnb listing also features a unique and remote location with lush jungles, mystical fig tree forests, two volcanic lakes, cliffs, waterfalls and other Balinese natural beauties which travellers are encouraged to take advantage of.

The villa complex in North Bali | Airbnb

The villa complex in North Bali | Airbnb


Traditional villa with Ocean view


This accommodation offers a million-dollar view for just $52 (£41) per night for two. Located on the top of a hill, this private room has a view from each window and a balcony overlooking Selang Beach with spectacular sunrises above the water. Walk down the steps and you’ll appear in a quiet and clean beach. Amed, the fishing village where the villa is based, is an emerging destination with just a few tourists. Yet serene beaches, good diving spots and incredible nature differentiate this from other parts of the island.

View from the villa's balcony | Airbnb

View from the villa’s balcony | Airbnb


Eat, sleep, skate.


Apart from the tranquil surroundings of the old gardens of the Kesiman Royal family, this complex of four traditional wooden chalets has a skate park! One family bungalow with a private terrace comes at $46 (£37) per night. There is an on-site exotic garden, a swimming pool, and a 24-hour café and bar. The skate park blends perfectly into the peaceful atmosphere, adding an adventurous twist to the relaxing environment with of plenty tropical trees and exotic birds singing all day long. The park is available to all guests at any time.


Skate park | Airbnb


True family experience


No doubt, staying in a family environment in a traditional Balinese village surrounded by rice fields is an unforgettable experience. This one bedroom house offers it all. Away from tourist crowds and just 15 minutes from Bali’s cultural and artistic hub, the Pudja Guesthouse is perfect for those who want to learn more about the island’s very special traditions and culture while also being made to feel at home. Your hosts – a Balinese family – will introduce you to real Balinese lifestyle and ensure you get familiar with the island’s spiritual side. Your own private house with a traditional outdoor shower and two terraces comes at just $23 (£19) per night.  

The house in a family compound | Airbnb

The house in a family compound | Airbnb


Authentic joglo in a tropical paradise


This traditional, all teakwood villa, let out by a French expat, has been around for 150 years. It was recently renovated, keeping ethnic Balinese motives all around the property. The location is ideal for adventurous travellers striving to see the beauties of the island: You’re only a 15 minutes drive south to Seminyak for an all-night extravaganza and some of the best waves in the world, one hour drive to art centres of Ubud, and short drives to various natural sights, including rice fields, coffee plantations and volcanoes. Furthermore, there’s a swimming pool with a waterfall and a cave, set among tropical gardens. And the best news – the entire property is yours for $58 (£47)! No sharing!

Inside the villa | Airbnb

Inside the villa | Airbnb


Alternative accommodation: stay and learn surfing.

Not Airbnb, food included

For those who prefer active breaks, staying in a surf-camp can be a perfect option. Bali is considered one of the best surfing areas in the world. The warm water and high waves year around are responsible for that title. There’s also a variety of surf-schools and camps for all skill levels. Most of them are located in Seminuyak, Kuta, Canggu, and in Padang-Padang. Rapture Camps in Padang-Padang has rooms from $38 per person per day (£31), and this includes breakfast, dinners Monday to Friday, unlimited trips to surf spots and guided surfing from Monday through Saturday. Surfboard rental is on average 5$(£4) a day, or $60 (£48) a month.

Pool in Rapture Camps

Pool in Rapture Camps




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