How does the atmosphere at a Spanish football match compare to those in England?

The atmosphere at a football match is one of the sport’s great intangible wonders.

Since the introduction of regulations stipulating that all Premier League stadiums must be all-seater, English clubs have come under a lot of criticism for their sterile atmospheres on matchdays.

Many fans in the UK yearn for a matchday experience like those in Germany, where tickets are cheap and there are safe-standing areas, or Spain where, with the influence of Italian ultra culture, there are large singing sections complemented by flags, drums and elected ultras leading the chants.

The Voice of London sent Reuben Pinder to Spain to watch Espanyol vs Valencia and tell us how the atmosphere at a Spanish game compares to those in the Premier League.

Words & audio: Reuben Pinder  Subbing: Nikolay Kolev

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