8 shoes to buy from Zara now

This month’s top Zara shoe picks for men and women.

Known for its magnificent interpretation of high-fashion clothing, the Spanish retailer has overdone itself with the latest footwear collection. The velvety loafers, bejewelled heels and the 19th-century reminiscing shoes, they all taste like haute couture. And because there are so many pairs to feel excited about, we made the tough decisions for you and picked the most intriguing shoes to slip your feet in.

Women’s footwear

Court shoes with faux pearls at £29.99

Photo by Madalina Corjuc

Bejewelled with white faux pearls in two sizes, these black kitten heels promise to make you the new Audrey Hepburn.

Velvet sneakers with beaded bow at £49.99

Photo by Madalina Corjuc

The burgundy velvet ads a luxurious feel to this comfortable everyday footwear. Clenched on the front bow, the animal-shaped diamond reminds of Christian Dior’s affinity for flora and fauna inspired embellishments.

High heels with Swarovski details at £99.99

Photo by Madalina Corjuc

A multicoloured Swarovski stone framed with magenta decorates the bluish green satin heels. Absolutely stunning!

Leather ankle boots with slogan laces at £49.99

Photo by Madalina Corjuc

These flat black boots have rounded toes and tie up with a “CAPABLE, AMBITIOUS, UNSTOPPABLE” slogan laces.

Men’s footwear

Buckled suede ankle boots at £79.99

Photo by Madalina Corjuc

Step into winter wearing these brown split suede boots with pointed toes and three buckles on the side.

Burgundy leather loafers at £69.99

Photo by Madalina Corjuc

This pair of dark burgundy loafers with swinging tassels and stiff fringes can be a good starting point for your smart outfit.

Black leather shoes with buckle at £79.99

Photo by Madalina Corjuc

Finished with a mottled black fur and topped with an old gold metal buckle, these pointed shoes will not turn you into Karl Lagerfeld but will make you a somehow gothic Rockstar.

Black leather boots with buttons at £99.99

Photo by Madalina Corjuc

This pair of embossed leather boots is featuring white laces curling on some antique buttons and just cannot stay unnoticed. The buttons have a coat of arms design carved in relief. A few metal appliqués puncture sides and toes, while some decorative broguing aligns on the boot’s upper part. As you can see, this is a rich in detail boot design.

Words: Madalina Corjuc | Subbing: Zornitsa Valkova

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