Holidays are coming and so is the ‘Big red truck’



When you think of Coca-Cola you think of Santa Claus. When you think of Santa Claus you think of a chubby, elderly man with a white beard, red cheeks holding a bottle of our favourite beverage in the world. Coca-cola has been with us for generations and because of the love we share for it, it wants to keep that bond strong and continue it’s path with us and the generations to come.

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Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

Introduced to us back in 1886, Coca-Cola has a top secret formula that makes it so special and so different to every other refreshing drink.

Coca-Cola has always been in our home and most of us drink it occasionally while having lunch or dinner. Summer is when we get to refresh ourselves adding ice cubes to our glass of coke.Yet Christmas is a very special occasion.

Since Coca-Cola is an American company it always reflected something that an ordinary family, living in America, loves and has it in their homes.

Christmas is a very significant time of the year,where you have your family members writing wish-lists, children getting excited for the day they open their presents and people outside smiling to everyone, as they get to be kids again… What makes Christmas even more special is the fact that family members and friends get reunited and share stories and create new memories. Yet that is just the atmosphere you experience at home. People made sure to expand that Christmas spirit outside in the streets, where they have decorations, lights, people dressed up as Santa Claus and sales assistants wishing you a ‘Merry Christmas’ as you leave the stores with your hands full of goody bags. Of course the freezing weather is also something that makes the holidays even better.

Coca-Cola takes advantage of that special moment and takes that extra step when it comes to adverts and marketing. But most importantly it takes that extra step in order to make us experience the feeling of warmth, love and release the festive spirit.

How do they do that? Well the answer to that question is simple… with a little magic!

Christmas for many of us is linked to Coca-Cola, with adverts that are funny but at the same time make us emotional and the Christmas truck that marks the countdown of Christmas.

This year the big lorry decorated with Christmas lights will travel around the UK and bring that additional excitement for the holidays to every single person, as no matter how old we grow, we are still children deep inside.



Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you are one of those people, which you sure are, who would like to go with your family or friends to see the iconic truck up close, don’t forget to take pictures and tag us on Instagram @voiceoflondon @voiceoflondonfood

While visiting the event you will get the chance to take a photo with the red truck after you wander around winter wonderland. You will also be given 150ml can of Coca-Cola of your choice and enjoy a Christmas animation that will be projected on the truck itself.

The red truck will be visiting 44 locations  in the UK, so you will definetley get the chance to experience this amazing opportunity. The information is listed below:

Dates and locations

  • Bishops Square, London – 17th Nov

  • Glasgow – 18th Nov

  • Ayr – 19th Nov

  • Dundee – 20th Nov

  • Carlisle – 22nd Nov

  • Yeovil – 22nd Nov

  • Exeter – 23rd Nov

  • Newcastle upon Tyne – 23rd Nov

  • Cardiff – 24th Nov

  • Sunderland – 24th Nov

  • Bristol – 25th Nov

  • Leeds – 25th Nov

  • Scarborough – 26th Nov

  • Swindon – 26th Nov

  • Bradford – 27th Nov

  • Milton Keynes – 27th Nov

  • Bournemouth – 29th Nov

  • Wrexham – 29th Nov

  • Southampton – 30th Nov

  • Watford – 1st Dec

  • Manchester – 1st Dec

  • Intu Trafford Centre, Manchester – 2nd Dec

  • Lancaster – 3rd Dec

  • Liverpool – 4th Dec

  • The O2 Greenwich, London – 3rd Dec

  • The O2 Greenwich, London – 4th Dec

  • Baldock – 6th Dec

  • St Helens – 6th Dec

  • Harlow – 7th Dec

  • Doncaster – 8th Dec

  • Ipswich – 8th Dec

  • Cleethorpes – 9th Dec

  • Norwich – 9th Dec

  • Lincoln – 10th Dec

  • Northampton – 11th Dec

  • Leicester – 13th Dec

  • Peterborough – 13th Dec

  • Leyton Mills, London – 14th Dec

  • Telford – 14th Dec

  • Southend – on – Sea – 15th Dec

  • Birmingham – 17th Dec

  • Eastbourne – 17th Dec

  • Coca-Cola London Eye, London – 18th Dec

  • Leicester Square, London – 20th Dec

As soon as you see the red Coca-Cola truck in your city, you know that ‘Coca-Cola … makes good things taste better’ this Christmas. Don’t forget to share your love for Coca-Cola with you red truck pictures by tagging us @voiceoflondonfood and @cocacolaeu on Instagram

Merry Christmas

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