‘He’s not man enough to admit he was wrong’: Harry Redknapp and Gary Neville continue feud

Harry Redknapp’s feud with Gary Neville has ramped up a notch after the former Spurs boss told talkSPORT that Neville: “isn’t man enough” to admit he was wrong.

The former Manchester United defender described the Tottenham squads he faced during his career as “spineless, soft and pathetic” during Monday Night Football.

Redknapp took to talkSPORT on Wednesday to say he was “disappointed and upset” by Neville’s comments.

Redknapp also described Neville’s bashing of the North London club “a disgrace” and that he needed to “do some more homework.”

This morning, Neville poured fuel to the fire with a tweet containing comparisons between his statistics as Valencia manager, and Redknapps’s reigns at QPR and Birmingham, captioned “homework’s done sir.”


The spreadsheet showed that Neville’s win percentage at Valencia was better than Redknapp’s in both his Birmingham and QPR jobs.

Harry Redknapp swiftly returned to talkSPORT again, this time to criticise Neville’s role in the England coaching set-up at Euro 2016: “I could go on and talk about Gary’s time with England, we all saw the European Championships, but I’m not going to go there.

“He’s opinionated and he doesn’t get his facts right in this case, and he should think a little bit more about what he is saying”.

The war of words has concluded with laughs though, as Redknapp said “Now I’m going to hit some golf balls, I might put Gary’s head on one of them.”


Words: Charlie Bradley | Subbing: Matthew Smith

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