Harvey Nichols and McDonalds Italy introducing new Nutella features

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Nutella is bringing the joyful spirit all over the world only six weeks before Christmas.

Reporter: Elitsa Grigorova| Subeditor: Ivelina Nikolova

We will always be grateful to the Italians that managed to put so much emotions/joy in a single jar. Nutella is more than just a hazelnut chocolate that you spread on your pancakes, Nutella is the best companion one needs.

It is not only a perfect ingredient for various deserts, or as you will reader further on, dishes but also adored by children and adults and all of the women that had to deal with a painful break up. Don’t fight it I know some of you cried your eyes out over a jar of Nutella and a romantic movie. So let’s just get a break from all the bad news these days and plunge into the Nutella joy emerging all over the world.

Harvey Nichols has probably came up with the best Christmas gift ever, surprising its customers by opening a Nutella pop-up at their London store. It is a part of the store’s Britalia campaign and you can find it on the rooftop terrace of the luxurious store. The pop-up has opened just two days ago and will run until the 8th of January 2017. Customers can go every Monday to Saturday from 8am-11pm, and Sunday from 11am-6pm. Nutella’s personalization service will also return at Harvey Nichols this Christmas, offering personalized jars of Nutellalicious chocolate with a name or message.

Probably the majority of the Nutella lovers are already familiar with the Nutella pizza but they will be even more pleased to know that McDonald’s Italy has launching a new Nutella burger, or as they called it ‘Sweety con Nutella’. It looks like most of the well-known with the solely difference that it is made of Nutella spread on to two sweet buns. It can be found in the McCafes, and people are already going crazy about it.

Credit: McDonalds Italy

Credit: McDonalds Italy

Stay tuned for more updates and a review on the Nutella pop-up menu and the venue from our reporters.

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