Graduating into a crisis – Do I have to ‘go back to my country’ now?

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Job hunting is one of the most important issues for university students who are about to graduate or have graduated.

This year’s graduates, who have been affected by Covid-19, are finding it tough to secure a job after graduation.

According to The Guardian, ‘graduate recruitment suffers the biggest UK fall since the 2008 crisis’.

Post-university life is supposed to be full of joy and excitement with many looking forward to the beginning of their chosen career paths. However, 2020 graduates are facing severe uncertainty.

As a result of the on-going pandemic, many are continuing to struggle through the process of job searching.

On the other hand, for some, it seems as though they will have to start from scratch with thousands of businesses having to lay off their workers.

The biggest problem lands at the feet of international students. Due to not being a citizen of the country they are studying in, to be able to stay, they must find a job offering a ‘working visa’. This is a lot harder than finding a job as UK locals, because not every company is eligible to provide working visas.

Since the lockdown, international students have lost months of job-hunting time, and many of them are forced to return to their home countries after failing to obtain working visas.

Voice of London spoke with Jenny, a recent graduate from the University of Manchester, who shared her personal experience and opinion regarding graduate career opportunities.

During these unprecedented times, it is important for recent graduates to seek help from university career centers. Most institutes provide an array of career support, which can be accessed by graduates as simple as booking an online appointment.

In addition, there are always opportunities to pick up as part-time jobs, internships, or volunteer work during the lockdown, this way one can improve their experience and skills.

Created by Ye Qiu

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