Government considering election

Since Prime Minster Boris Johnson unwillingly sent a letter requesting to extend Article 50, the conversation has advanced towards one topic: a general election.

Parliament is set to consider a snap election on Monday. Mr Johnson will have to win two-thirds of the MP’s vote, but as the parties sit at a cross road, it isn’t looking likely.

A bill by the Liberal Democrats and Scottish National Party (SNP) attempted to offer the government a compromise. They would gift the PM his pre-Christmas aspiration – by going to the polls on 9 December, however, the proposed date would be cancelled if the EU do not grant a three-month extension.

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Speaking on the Andrew Marr show, Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson argued that if Downing Street were “serious about wanting an election and genuine about having an election before Christmas then he can back this bill.” Worried that Mr Johnson won’t stick to his word about an election, the new bill would “enshrine this date in law.”

James Cleverly, the Conservative Party Chairman, appeared on the same programme to reject the offer. Hesitant by the two parties, who both want to retract article 50, he stated that the proposal “makes no attempt to pursue the withdrawal bill.”

The Labour Party have not budged on their stance. They will not support an election until no-deal is no more.

The EU has said they will grant a Brexit-extension, but they haven’t said for what duration. Their answer is expected next week.


Words: Dan Branston

Photo: Elliot Stallion from Unsplash

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